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Special Offer!
For a limited time only, order any three Moira Kerr CDs of your choice at the same time and the VHS video "Moira Kerr Sings" will be sent to you for just £3 to cover post and packing. The video has eleven of Moira's melodic contributions to the "Where Eagles Fly" TV series which presented some of the most stunning scenery in the Highlands of Scotland. This scenic tour covers the Cairngorm mountains, Lochaber, Glencoe, Loch Lomond, Iona, Barra and many other locations.

This special offer is only available direct from Moira Kerr. Send an email request direct to Moira at and she will arrange for payment and for your three CDs and free video (worth £12.99) to be sent to you - all signed by Moira.

CDs and Video
During her singing career, Moira Kerr has created quite a number of CDs and audio cassettes which showcase both her natural singing voice and also her ability to write beautiful songs about Scotland, often inspired during visits to the locations she is writing about. Moira also wrote a number of songs for the BBC TV series "Where Eagles Fly" and the stunning film sequences taken in the Highlands of Scotland accompanied by the sound track of Moira's songs, have been issued as a video.

Here is a complete list of the CDs, tapes and video created by Moira. There are links to separate pages for some of her most popular CD's and videos where you can see the playlist or order the CD or Video:

  • Shades of Love (Cassette only CMAYK 8)
  • Be Thou My Vision (CD - CFTM CD01 and Cassette - CFTM CC 01) Note - currently out of stock)
  • Glencoe - The Glen of Weeping (Cassette - CMAYK1 and CD - CDMAYK1)
  • In Glen Nevis (Cassette - CMAYK2)
  • Cottage on the Hill (Cassette - CMAYK3)
  • Scotland I'm Yours (Cassette - CMAYK5)
  • All the Best (CD - MOICD010)
  • The Best Of Both Worlds (LP - Ross Records)
  • Bravest Heart (Cassette - CMAYK9 and CD - CDMAYK9)
  • Celtic Soul (Cassette - CMAYK10 and CD - CDMAYK10)
  • Time and Tide (Cassette - CMAYK14 and CD - CDMAYK14)
  • Where Eagles Fly - Moira Kerr Sings (VHS WEF8 only in PAL or NTSC format)
  • Misty Moo and Friends (CD only - CDMAYK 15)
  • Loch Lomond Hills (CD only - CDMAYK16)
  • Sula Bassana (EP single with 2 tracks - Sula Bassana + Silver Brooch of Lorne)
  • Build Their Dreams (EP Single in aid of African orphanage charities)

Ordering CDs, Tapes or Video From Moira Kerr

CDs and the video currently available can be obtained via our PayPal secure credit card service and sent anywhere in the world. Just click on the Paypal logo on the specific page listed above.
CDs cost £11.99 (including post and packing in the UK), audio cassette versions cost £8 and the video "Where Eagles Fly" (in PAL or NTSC format) costs £12.99.

All items obtained from Moira are signed personally by her on the CD or tape insert.

CD Track Downloads
You may well want to obtain Moira's songs on a CD in the usual plastic container with its printed inlay (signed by Moira herself - but only if you buy it through this site). In which case, just go to the CD's/Video page via the index on the left. But if you want a few specific tracks to download to your PC or transfer to your iPod or music player, there is now a representative selection of tracks from Moira's CD's which you can buy for just 79p (or the equivalent in your own currency). Just click on "Downloads" on the left to find out how!

Long Playing Records
There has been renewed interest recently in original Long Playing (LP) recordings. Moira has a small selection of three of her original LPs - "Scotland I'm Yours", "Cottage on the Hill" and " Glen Nevis" and she is selling these on a "first come first served" basis. See Long Playing Records page for further details.