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Download Selected CD Tracks
You may well want to obtain Moira's songs on a CD in the usual plastic container with its printed inlay (signed by Moira herself - but only if you buy it through this site). In which case, just go to the CD's/Video page via the index on the left of this page.

But if you want a few specific tracks to download to your PC or then transfer to your iPod or music player, here is a representative selection of popular tracks from Moira's CD's which you can buy using PayPal or debit/credit card (for only 79p - roughly US$1.26, or the equivalent in your own currency) and then download via a secure link. Just select the track from the list below, click on the "buy now" link beside it and follow the instructions.

If you wish to buy more than one track, just come back to this page and click on the appropriate link. You'll receive an email with download instructions for each individual track.

If there is a track which you want that is not in the list below, drop a note to and we'll see if it can be added, perhaps on a temporary basis.

Ae Fond Kiss (From Time & Tide) Buy Now

Banquo's Walk (From Time & Tide) Buy Now

Bravest Heart (From Bravest Heart) Buy Now

Closer to Heaven (From Glencoe) Buy Now

Dark Island (From Celtic Soul) Buy Now

Drifting Away (From Celtic Soul) Buy Now

Highland Cathedral (From Loch Lomond Hills) Buy Now

I Know Where I'm Going (From Loch Lomond Hills) Buy Now

Islands in the Mist (From Bravest Heart) Buy Now

Loch Lomond (From Celtic Soul) Buy Now

MacIain (From Celtic Soul) Buy Now

Mingulay Boat Song (From Celtic Soul) Buy Now

She Moved Through The Fair (From Bravest Heart) Buy Now

Skye Boat Song (From Celtic Soul) Buy Now

Swans on the Dee (From Where Eagles Fly) Buy Now

The Queen's Four Marys (From Bravest Heart) Buy Now

This Is My World (From Time & Tide) Buy Now

Tiree (From Celtic Soul) Buy Now

When Pipers Play (From Time & Tide) Buy Now

Where Eagles Fly (From Celtic Soul) Buy Now

Will Ye Go Lassie Go (From Celtic Soul) Buy Now

Safely Ashore (From Bravest Heart) Buy Now

Great Stack of Handa (From Where Eagles Fly) Buy Now

Be Thou My Vision Buy Now

Any Problems
The system for downloading your selected track or tracks should work smoothly once you receive the email acknowledgement - you'll be given up to three opportunities to download the selected file, for example. Just click on the link in the email and the file will download automatically via your browser. But in the unlikely event of you encountering any difficulties, please email with the details.