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In addition to being a delightful singer, Moira Kerr has written a large number of wonderful songs about Scotland - and love. The words can be on historical subjects such as the haunting "MacIan of Glencoe" and the powerful "Bravest Heart" or on specific places in Scotland which have appealed to her, as in the lyrical Drifting Away (Applecross and Torridon) or Safely Ashore (Iona). And then there are the songs specifically aimed at children, such as Henrietta Hen and Misty Moo.

For reference, here is a complete list of all the songs written by Moira Kerr. How many do you have in your CD library?

  • Alba Mo Graidh
  • Always on My Mind
  • Arran, the Island I Love
  • At Home
  • Banquo's Walk
  • Blue Angel Eyes
  • Bravest Heart
  • Build Their Dreams
  • Charles Edward Stuart
  • Children of the Commonwealth
  • Chunky Chicken
  • Closer to Heaven
  • Come on Over and Make Love to Me Tonight
  • Corryvreckan
  • The Cottage on the Hill
  • Crofters' Ceilidh
  • Cuillin
  • Cunninghame Coasts Ahead
  • Don't Look Any Closer
  • Don't Stand in My Way
  • Don't You Ever Fall In Love?
  • Drifting Away
  • Eshaness
  • Everlasting Visions
  • For Justice and Honour
  • Glen Nevis
  • The Glen of Weeping
  • Good Hearted Glasgow
  • The Great Stack of Handa
  • Henrietta Hen
  • Highland Cathedral
    For the words, click here
  • Highlanders
  • Home Words
  • I Know A Lad
  • I'll Be Back There
  • I'll Never Forget Yesterday
  • Inchmaholme Chant
  • The Island of Tiree
  • Islands in the Mist
  • It's You Baby, It's You
  • I Wish There Was a Way
  • I Won't Be the One To To Say Goodbye
  • I Wouldn't Be Surprised
  • Lady Killer
  • Let's Make History
  • Loch Lomond Hills
  • MacIaian of Glencoe
    For the words, click here
  • Misty Moo
  • My Hacienda in the Highlands
  • My Lad is Fair
  • My Special Friend
  • My Wee Laddie
  • Night Time Fantasy
  • No Happy Ending
  • North Bound Train
  • Oban Bay
  • One Day Maybe
  • Out Of Condition For Love
  • Paradise For Two
  • Power Runner
  • Pride Goes Before a Fall
  • Quanto Senor?
  • The Right Line
  • Rory of the Red Deer
  • Sands of Time
  • Say Goodbye To Your Daddy
  • Scotland Again
  • Scotland, I Miss You Tonight
  • Scotland, I'm Yours For Ever More
  • Scotland Today Calypso
  • Seldom Alone, Sometimes Lonely
  • A Sense of Belonging
  • Shades of Love
  • Silver Brooch of Lorne
  • Skye High
  • Sula Bassana
  • Sunflower
  • Swans on the Dee
  • Tam the Bam
  • The Thief of Time
  • There But For The Love Of You Go I
  • There's Something About You
  • There's Something Good In Everybody
  • Thinking About You
  • This Child
  • This Is It
  • This Is My World
  • This Morning I Went To The Golf Course
  • Time and Tide
  • Together
  • Trail of Faith
  • Twice a Week
  • Two A.M.
  • What's Gonna Happen To Our Love?
  • Where Eagles Fly
  • Why So Sad
  • Ynys Enlli, Island of Tiree
  • You'll Be There
  • You Take Me Higher

Music Notes